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The advantages of Viagra can be weighed against its disadvantages for example its side effects. However, anybody can come out with different perceptions about it after considering both sides. For the users, the decision or the conclusion that you come up with depends on the state of your body and other kinds of medication you are taking together with Viagra. There are some kinds of medications that are contraindicated in Viagra’s guidelines, hence if you take them with Viagra, you are likely to face very severe side effects. Viagra cannot be taken with everybody, the state of your body determines whether to use Viagra or not. For example, you cannot take Viagra when you have a history of diabetes or blood related problems.

Ever since Viagra was introduced in the market, there have been some other drugs that compete with it though this has not interfered with its popularity and many people still prefer using Viagra other than other drugs. Some of the drugs claim to be more effective than Viagra but most of them come with warnings concerning the drugs side effects. This may put off other people because they feel that the drug is not suitable for them. When it comes to Viagra, it is still the best in the market because its effectiveness and reputation as a drug for low sex libido or erectile dysfunction has overshadowed other drugs. Viagra has also maintained its position in the market because it does not have several or serious side effects as compared to other drugs.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by different health problems. It is advised that before you decide to take Viagra, you should clearly know its cause and deal with it first to solve the problem other than using Viagra to mask the problem. If you use Viagra where it is not necessary, you can worsen the root cause of your problem and even develop fatalities. Prior to a Viagra prescription, you need to visit your doctor for several check ups as it will ensure that you are in a fit state of making use of Viagra and that you will not experience any serious problem from it. This does not mean that you cannot take Viagra when you have other health problems. You can take Viagra even if you are using other medications, but only if you are advised to do so by your doctor. This explains why it is necessary to strictly follow your doctor’s prescriptions.

Cialis is the main competitor of Viagra but it also comes with very serious warnings. For example, if you take drugs that are nitrate based, you should not take Cialis. If you do, then your blood pressure would drop dangerously. You are also not supposed to take Cialis when you take alcohol because you can experience dizziness. Cialis is also one of the best drugs when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction but to health professionals, Viagra is still more successful because it does not compel you to consider your health problems.

Viagra is a medicine that is becoming the most popular drug in the world. Its demand is increasing every day. Although it is made for those people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction but still it is becoming more popular in the teenagers as well. Teenagers just use this drug to enjoy their sexual desire. They usually take it to increase the timing of the sexual mechanism. They also take it regularly in order to increase their sexual performance. Most of the teenagers purchase Viagra through online pharmacies and they even do not think about consulting the doctor before taking the dosage. It is strictly informed that do not take this drug without the permission of the doctor. Other wise it can harm you in many ways because it has many side effects. Young generation mostly use it at local night clubs.

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